Timber Sister Loop

Bikepacking loop from Oakridge, OR using the Oregon Timber Trail & 3 Sisters routes

To save others some time, I thought I’d share my tracks, resupply, and profiles. I created and rode a 5-day bikepacking loop that started/ended in Oakridge. We had a great time and loved the route. Some parts were rough or full of mosquitoes, but, overall, it was great and I’d highly recommend the route. We started our ride on July 14th, 2018, so keep in mind that things may have changed since then.

Some advice:

Track deviations – There were a few sections where the “planned” route tracks were incorrect or we deviated on purpose. To see the discrepancies, compare the “planned” versus “actual” tracks in the links below.

Day 1 leaving Oakridge – get an early start (6am) and carry 4.5L of water. There is a very small and hard to find weeping spring about 2/3rd’s of the way to the first guaranteed water (a small lake), but we couldn’t find the spring. Assume you won’t either.

Waldo Lake vicinity – have a bug net and deet ready to go. I went through my small bottle of deet in 1 day. Lots of skeeters along that section.

Climbing over the shoulder of Mt Bachelor – We didn’t know beforehand, but there is water as your get toward the top of the pass. By the time you cross the highway, there are plenty of streams all the way to the pass. Get water near the pass before you descend because there is nothing as you head down to Sisters.

GPX tracks and waypoints:

Planned Route Tracks & Waypoints (folder with files)

Actual Route Tracks (folder with files)

Resupply Notes:


Route Profiles: