This is an opportunity to get on your bike and have an adventure with other courageous souls.

The “race” part happens only if you follow the rules below. We rely on the honor system, so be honorable and have a great ride.

  1. Ride or hike-a-bike the route under your own power (see Hwy 89 exception). Follow the gpx tracks as best you can. Small deviations (e.g, had to go around a fallen tree) and side trips are fine (e.g., going into town for resupply).
  2. Carry your own gear, food, water, etc. You can ride with other people and you are welcome (not required) to give another racer water or food, but don’t explicitly carry gear/food/water for each other. If you do, you are touring, not racing.
  3. Get supplies and shelter only from sources that are available to all racers (e.g., don’t have anyone meet you and give you food/water and don’t sleep in your mommy’s cabin).
  4. No drafting…riding behind someone with a gap of less than 1 bike length.
  5. Follow all traffic laws. You must use lights when riding at night on any public roads.
  6. Practice “leave no trace”. Do not litter and know how to make a doody in the woods responsibly. There are lots of bears in the area, so know how to responsibly store your food at night.
  7. Be very courteous to other trail users. Yield to hikers, equestrians, and uphill bikers.
  8. When you finish the course, take a picture of yourself or your bike in front of the Donner Memorial (see below) and post your finish time to the Facebook group.
The finish line!